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How to use SVG Alphabets (fonts) in Cricut

how to use svg fonts

Did you buy the SVG font and want to know how to use it with your Cricut? Here we’re gonna find out how to upload and how to use SVG fonts with your Cricut cutter.

Let’s start!

SVG fonts or TTF fonts – where’s the difference?

When you’re buying the SVG Font you should know that SVG font is not quite a font – it’s more like the vector alphabet – the bundle of all letters, which means that you will not be able to type with it like with simple TTF fonts you cave on your computer or mobile device. SVG font, or SVG Alphabet it’s a file that contains vector objects (all alphabet letters) as if you would buy any other SVG object.

So how to use SVG Fonts with Cricut Design Space?

To use SVG fonts with your Cricut cutter, you should consider the font like any other SVG file, not like a computer font. So to make words in Cricut design space from the SVG font or alphabet you bought you should follow these usual steps:

  1. you need to download your SVG font,
  2. upload it to Cricut design space
  3. you need to ungroup the alphabet
  4. now you can make words, move letters around and delete the ones you don’t need to use.
How to use SVG fonts with Cricut

Some tricks

When you made a phrase from your SVG fonts in Cricut Design Space, it might be sentence, a word, or even just a couple letters you want to cut, you may want to keep them in place in cutting process, to make the rest part of work easier, and here is a small trick on how to do it. After you put the letters of your SVG Fonts in the right positions, you can press the “Weld” button in the right panel of Cricut Design space, to keep the elements stay in place even on cutting mat. Isn’t it cool? Now you won’t need to put the elements together in the right position after they’ll be cut.

How to use SVG fonts in Cricut

Hope it was helpful! Now you know how to use SVG fonts with your Cricut so let’s go and choose some SVG fonts here to try these tips?

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How to use SVG file bundles or how to ungroup the SVG files.

Today I want to tell you how to use SVG file bundles or how to ungroup the SVG files that you buy at In this post you will find:

Sometimes you buy a bundle of several SVG designs you suppose that each design element will be located in a separate SVG file.  Still, when you download and unzip the bundle archive you wonder that it contains only one SVG. So let’s find out how to use such bundled SVG files with your Cricut Design Space.

1. How to know if I will get all designs in 1 SVG file or each design part in a separate SVG file?

It’s important to note that usually, each product has a complete description of what will you get after the purchase.  If the product description shows you 1SVG, 1 PNG and 1DXF, but the preview image shows several earrings, swirls or alphabet letters – it means that all elements will be located in the 1 common SVG file.

How to use SVG file bundles

2. Does it mean that in this case, I will need to cut out all design elements at a time?

No!  Sure you don’t need to process all 20 swirls on your Cricut if you want to use only one, or to cut out the alphabet triple times if you need to use 3  letters “ a”.  All you need to do, to cut the separated parts of the design, is to ungroup the SVG file.

3. How to ungroup the SVG file bundles.

Here we go to the main and most often asked question – How to use SVG file bundles or how to ungroup the SVG files. The most frequently asked question we receive from the customers is: “How can I use only 1 earring, or make a word from the alphabet file. All is really easy – to do if you’ll follow these few quick steps:

  1. Download and unzip the bundle you bought
  2. Upload the SVG file to your Cricut Design space
  3. UnGroup the design. There are 2 ways to do it:
    •  by clicking to the selected design with the right mouse button and select “UnGorup”.
    • By clicking on the UnGroup button in the right top part of the side panel
How to ungroup SVG files
How to use SVG file bundles or how to ungroup the SVG files. 6

  Both options will do the same action –  ungroup the parts of the Bundled design.

Now the design is split and you are able to move around the parts of it, copy or keep the parts you want to use or delete the part you don’t want to cut.

N.B. If there are too many separate objects, to save your time of deleting one by one, it’s easier to copy the ones you want to process, to select all, delete and paste in place the ones you’ve just copied.

Hope this was useful!